Reward Programs and Gift Cards/Certificates Explained

We currently have 2 different types of rewards programs at Cards n Stripes Games; Store Credit and Rewards points (both detailed below) as well as "non-cash" options (also detailed below).


Store credit is earned as winnings for store sanctioned events as well as for the trade-in of cards and other items.  While both programs are designed to encourage return visits, the store credit program works as a "same as cash" option.  We are making a change to our store credit program.  When you earn store credit, it will be provided in the form of a gift card (either physical or digital).  It is our hope that this will allow folks to track and use their store credit with a little more flexibility.  Store credit and rewards points cannot be combined in a transaction.


With the way our program works, customers aren't required to carry cards, collect receipts, or know their current points value.  This is a program maintained by our point of sale system and is "hands-free" for you.  We are adding this clarification page so that as we present offers at your time of purchase, you will have an understanding of how the value of your points work. 

Rewards Points are accrued at a rate of 5 points per dollar spent.

The following list of rewards are available for in-store redemption.

$3 Coupon

$5 Coupon

$10 Coupon*

$20 Coupon*

$30 Coupon*

* The use of this reward coupon requires that the purchase price (sub-total) is greater than 1/2 of the value of the coupon being used.  (Example: cashing in a $10 reward coupon requires a minimum purchase price (sub-total) of $20.)  This will be something that the staff will be required to track, not you, our valued customers.


Gift certificates may be purchased.  They are also given out for prizes in charity events.  These certificates are paper and will have a 1 year expiration date written on the bottom of the certificate along with the selling employees signature.


The gift cards are plastic and are purchased for whatever value the buyer chooses.  They are not taxed at the time of purchase.  There is no expiration date on the gift cards.

If you have additional questions about the rewards program, feel free to ask the staff and we will do our best to clarify those questions for you.

** Cards n Stripes Games reserves the right to change/adjust (without notice) how the rewards program:     a.)  Earns rewards  b.)  Redeems Rewards   c.)  Processes changes to the rewards program                                                               



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