Room Rental Policy

We are happy to announce that we offer reserved space for your event.  The reservation falls under two categories; public or private.

A public rental means that we will set aside a place in the store for you and your group during store hours.  There is a nominal $3/ person fee.  The fee includes: set up, clean up, tables, chairs, a partitioned area (if requested), and access to any previously rented board games.

A private rental means that you and your party are reserving the interior of the store for your gathering.  The fee for this is $10/hour and $3/person (under 10 people) or $2/person (over 10 people).  The fee includes set up, clean up, sanitization, tables, chairs, and access to any previously rented board games.

Store policies of clean language, respect for others/property,  and appropriate public behavior are expected while renting space at Cards 'n Stripes Games.  The person renting space will be considered the responsible party for all fees administrative actions.

We'd like to thank you for considering Cards 'n Stripes Games as a safe, clean, and accessible location for your next gathering.


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