Expansion Set (BE11) - Universe 7 Unison

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    Includes the new card type "Unison Card Type" debuting from the next series!

    Unison Cards can be used in current decks to power them up! Get a sneak peek of the brand new "Unison Card type" only in Expansion Set 11 & 12!

    Valuable set of 13 cards and an exclusive design card case!

    Powering up the gameplay environment of Series 9, EX 11 & 12 features Universe 7 and Universe 11 from Dragon Ball Super!

    Expansion Set 11 & 12 is the perfect bridge item for the upcoming next Series!

    1 Set contains, Card Case+ 13 cards.

    *1 New Toppo Leader card + 2 each of 6 types new promotional cards. *foil + normal

    - $16.99

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