Cards 'n Stripes Games
1206 US Hwy 60 E
Republic, MO 65738


Board Game Rentals

We rent board games for a nominal fee...most are less than $5 per week. You are able to rent for up to 30 days, so great to take on vacation. After renting, many folks decide to buy the game. We offer a used game discount on previously rented games.

Organized Play Events

Organized play events are special board game and trivia events located at the store. Dates, times and other information can be found on our Facebook page and on the event calendar here on the web site. We also have a demo program where people can come in and see how new games are played and become engaged with the presenters.

TCG Tournaments

Whether it's Magic the Gathering (Draft, Commander, Pre-release, Pauper, Standard or Limited), Dragon Ball Super, Dice Masters or Force of Will...we try to have something for everyone. Scheduled events and details are listed on our Facebook page as well as here on the Calendar page.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventure League

We host a weekly Adventure League for Dungeon & Dragons. This is a great format for this RPG that allows you to attend when you're able without having to commit to a months' long campaign. With check points and treasure points, it allows for a greater flexibility in allowing you to take your character from one shop to another; from one campaign to the next.

Reserved Space

Need a place to host an event? Don't have time to clean the house or wash the dog? Let us help. Ask us about hosting an event that might meet your needs. Time is also available outside of normal store hours. Reservations and scheduling would need to be arranged in advance. Rates are flexible and competitive, depending on your needs.